I broke the "rules" and I don't care


The other night, I put Vincent to bed at 6pm.
I went in there at 9:15pm, when he woke up screaming and I knew there was no way he was putting himself back to sleep. I rocked him and placed him back in his crib.
I watched my babe do all he could to put himself back to sleep, roll, talk, babble, fuss a little, etc.
I went back in his room at 10:30pm to nurse him and help him fall back asleep.
I rocked my babes until he was sleeping and then gently placed him in his crib.
I held him a little longer before placing him in his crib so I could soak up a few extra minutes of snuggles, he rarely naps on me anymore.

That night, I broke all the rules. And I do not care.
Because my babes will only be little for a short while longer. Time has been slapping me in the face lately. He is growing up so fast! I just want to freeze time and keep him this size and age forever.

Yes, Vincent has slept through the night completely before. No, I’m not worried about him regressing if I go in there and help him back to sleep. Yes, some may say I’m creating dependency and he will learn that I’m always going to come. No, I don’t really care right now.

Mamas, do whats best for you and your babe. Sit a little while longer if YOU need the snuggles. Love on him a little harder and longer and break all the “rules.” You’re the mama - and sometimes the mama needs the snuggles just as much as the babes do.

Godspeed, Mamas!

Elizabeth St Peter