Find Your Tribe ... Love them HARD!



This past week I had to rely on my village and ask for help (dun dun dun) which seriously took me out of my comfort zone. I am constantly reminding myself to not put pressure on myself to be the super mom, the super wife, or the super human… it’s not possible and not healthy to be any of those things. But, mamas, as you probably know, it’s still hard! So, when we had a family emergency this week, I think it was God’s way of forcing me to take all the help and really rely on my village and finally let that go.

I needed to be in two places at once, but that just isn’t possible. Good friends sprang into action before I was even able to ask them. Family flew into town. Our tribe and village rallied and I had no option but to surrender and let them. AND, you know what… I was able to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better human because of it.

So, mamas, take it from me:

  • Ask for help

  • Take time for yourself

  • Let yourself be treated

  • Vent

  • Breathe

And when shit hits the fan and life seems to be spinning out of control – stop, breathe, let go of all expectations, go with the flow, and take all the help that is offered to you!

To my tribe, thank you, I love you. We couldn’t do it without you!

Godspeed, Mamas!

Elizabeth St Peter